MT Psychology provides professional psychological
services to children, adolescents, and their families

As an Educational & Developmental Psychologist, Michela Tomasel offers a range of assessment and therapeutic counselling interventions to children and young people, and supports families through the process.  Michela focuses on the well-being of young people across the lifespan, and in particular, factors which pose as challenges to development and learning.

Michela works with children as well as adolescents and young adults, and specialises in understanding how children learn and grow, and providing therapy interventions to facilitate and enhance positive developmental outcomes. 

Children and young people rely on their support systems to cope and flourish, which means everyone in the young person's life can be involved. Michela often works closely with other allied health providers, teachers and schools, and medical specialists.

MT Psychology is conveniently located in the inner city suburb of Ashgrove. Michela welcomes your enquiries; please feel free to make contact for further information.

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